“I needed a new attic access cut in a discreet location. I called several people and most didn’t know what I was talking about, or simply didn’t see the value in doing a small job like this. Tim from TAP Construction said it sounded interesting and he could be at my house first thing the next morning to check things out and give me a quote. Sure enough, he and his son Ty arrived first thing this morning (earlier than expected) and took a look. After 10 minutes and few measurements and calculations, Tim told me he could cut an access in a closet and frame it out for me right then and there if I wanted. He gave me a quote that I saw as very reasonable for his time and service, and an hour later I had a perfect access hole cut out and framed inside a coat closet. I couldn’t ask for better service. On top of that, Tim and Ty were incredibly nice and professional. They even swept up after themselves and disposed of the waste. I feel like they treated my home as they’d treat their own. I have a few other projects around the house that are too big for me to tackle. I know who I’ll be calling when the time comes. Thanks Tim”